Family Medicine Center Services

We are housed in a spacious facility allowing the Family Medicine Center to provide a full range of serivces that are aimed at trying to make patient care as convient as possible

Clinical Services

    We offer walk-in services for our current patients during regular clinic hours so you can speak to one of our helpful and experienced nurses. We provide to you: free blood pressure checks, free weight checks, confidential guidance about your medications; and to receive your needed vaccinations. The nursing staff also provides flu shots during flu season. Appointments should be made during flu season to expedite your visit.

    At the Family Medicine Center we are equipped to provide a variety of procedures from removal of a skin lesion to skin biopsies, cryotherapy, colposcopies, endometrial biopsies, vasectomies, and toe nail removals. We also provide suturing (stitches) for cuts and minor injuries, and cast application, management, and removal for orthopedic injuries.
    Women’s Health Services: Long Acting Reversible Contraception- Skyla, Mirena, Nexplanon, and Paraguard insertions; Depo Provera injections, complete OB/Prenatal care, PAP smear with HPV testing, STD testing, and Natural Family Planning Options

    The Mental Health department consists of two providers; Betty Gilbert, LISW, and Sarah Jolin, LISW. Both come with over twenty years experience each in the mental health field. Several different types of mental health services are provided, serving an age range from 3 years old to geriatric.

    Betty Gilbert, LISW, focuses on children and adolescents. Her areas of interest are adoption, bonding issues, and coping with divorce. She is skilled in play therapy, family therapy, and bonding assessments. She also treats ADHD, anxiety, depression, childhood traumas, adjustment disorders and behavioral issues. Her warmth and compassion for children facilitates growth and healing for not only the children she sees but also for their families.

    Sarah Jolin, LISW, focuses on adults throughout the life span. Her areas of interests are anxiety, depression, unresolved grief and trauma, and adjusting to life’s many challenges. She is skilled in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Behavior Change and Management, Trauma Focused Therapy and Grief Therapy. Sarah’s calm and reassuring approach to life’s challenges can help bring peace and understanding to one’s situation.

    The Family Medicine Clinic has an on-site laboratory that can process most routine tests during your clinic visit. The laboratory department conducts over 20,000 tests a year, including Chemistry, Hematology, and Urinalysis. For more specialized testing, the clinic has a close working relationship with the area’s hospital laboratories. The Family Medicine Laboratory maintains CLIA accreditation for highly complex testing. Our knowledgeable testing personnel have American Medical Technologist (AMT) and Medical Laboratory Scientist MLS(ASCP) Certification. The Laboratory’s phlebotomists are highly skilled at obtaining blood samples. We have convenient lab hours: Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 4:30pm.

    The Laboratory Staff is committed to providing accurate and reliable results to assist our caregivers in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.

    We offer Radiology services on location, with quick radiology reporting available. performing imaging of bone injuries as well as Diagnostic X-Rays of the abdomen, chest, and extremities.

Patient Support An Online Tool to Manage Your Health!

    The Family Medicine Center is excited to offer an online tool - - that provides you access to your personal health records anywhere, anytime. Our patients are strongly encouraged to register for this convenient and easy service!

    With our patient portal, you can view test and lab results, request prescription renewals, communicate securely with your physicians, schedule appointments, and more - 24/7 - from any computer, smartphone or tablet.

    Register for Follow My Health at Family Medicine Center

    Online Bill-Pay is a quick and secure way to pay your bill. The Family Medicine Center offers two secure ways to pay your bill online. One way is through the Phreesia link located below and the other is through our secure Patient Portal. The difference between the two is through Phreesia, you must know the total in which you want to pay and through our Patient Portal, you can view your patient balance along with your personal health records.
    Make a Payment
    The Family Medicine Center offers a Referral Coordinator who can assists patients in obtaining appointments with specialty care and acquiring prior authorization for special medical procedures as ordered by your family physician. In addition, this coordinator is very knowledgeable on most insurers electronic authorizations which can promptly respond to these requests.
    We encourage our patients to be actively involved with their insurance plan in recognizing their benefits. It is our expectation that all copays are paid at the time of service and total balances due at the receipt of a statement. If you are unable to pay the balance in full, we are willing to make payment arrangements. Our Patient Account Representatives are available Monday – Friday from 8:00-5:00 @ (712) 294-5100 to answer all your billing and insurance questions.

    Medical Record services are available Monday through Friday 8am - 5pm and can be reached at 712-294-5045.

    Release of information can be found at the following link: Release of Information

    Filled out Release of information can be faxed to 712-294-5094.

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